The Importance Of Establishing Paternity

Fathers often deny paternity, usually to avoid paying child support. Determining paternity, therefore, is important. If a man is not the father of a child is alleged to be the father, he must establish the facts as soon as possible, or he may have to pay child support even if he is not the father.

If you are seeking child support from someone you believe to be the father of your child, you must establish paternity legally. Without a DNA test to prove your claim, you may not receive the child support your need to care for your child.

No matter what the results of your DNA test are, having certainty will serve your best interests. If a DNA test shows that your are the father of child, you will be entitled to visitation, allowing you to experience a relationship that is only possible between a parent and child. If your paternity test is negative, you may not have to pay child support.

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