Divorce Mediation

Divorce is often portrayed as a contentious process, but more and more couples are turning to mediation. Bruce Bekritsky is a trained divorce mediator. He will ensure that you address every aspect of your divorce — including property division, division of debts, child custody, and child support — and he will help you reach a separation agreement and parenting plan that is fair and acceptable to you both.

What Is Divorce Mediation?    Divorce Mediation is the simpler, faster, less stressful and less expensive way to resolve your divorce. In mediation, you and your spouse, and your mediator work out the terms of your divorce and produce a “Memorandum of Understanding.” Your and your spouse can take it to your attorneys to prepare a Separation Agreement. As an attorney, however, and with your consent and your spouse’s consent, we can prepare that agreement for you, and we can prepare and submit your divorce papers to the court.

Divorce by mediation is a non-adversarial process helping people negotiate directly to dissolve marriages once the decision to divorce or separate is made. You can negotiate mutually beneficial terms in total privacy.

Why should You Choose Mediation?  There are many reasons why mediation is a better way:

  • Quick resolutions. Mediation is always a much quicker process than litigation. Many cases can be resolved in just a few weeks, allowing you to move on with your life.
  • Cost-effective. Because mediation is a relatively quick process, it keeps attorneys’ fees low.
  • Less stressful. With fewer or no court appearances, less time spent arguing, and less aggravation — which children can and will detect — the divorce is neither a battle nor a war.
  • You decide: In a contested divorce, a judge has the final say in the terms of your divorce, including your child custody arrangement. In mediation, you work out the terms together, ensuring that the final resolution makes sense for you.
  • It is non-adversarial. You are partners in the decision-making.

  • It is mutual. You both must agree on solutions, or there is no agreement.

  • It help clarify areas of conflict. Most couples have some conflict. The mediator helps you limit the conflict and discuss things productively.
  • It gives you power. You control your own decisions over our own lives.

Discussions are tempered by the fact that you are parents of your children, and you will have a continuing relationship as parents after you have ended your marriage. Some other forms of divorce negotiations forget the best interests of the children. In mediation, it is always paramount. You owe it to yourself, your children,and your future to learn more.

Mediation is conducted so there are no losers — one spouse does not win at the expense of the other. Mediation lessens the hurt, the anger, and the frustration.

Mediation also can deal with specific, limited issues such as times of access, what to do with the house, or other issues specified by you at the start.

Costs And Fees:   In divorce mediation you pay only for the time you use. Fees are moderate and on an hourly basis. There are no retainers. Mediation can take as few as four to six hours or as many as 12 hours or more, depending on your needs. Mediation of specific issues or for couples without children is shorter. We ask that you share the fees in a way that is appropriate to your situation, remembering that the mediator is working for both of you. Once the Divorce Mediation is concluded, you will be charged a moderate fee to complete all of the divorce papers and the court’s filing fees.

Divorce mediation is the easier, simpler, faster, less stressful way. Call now for more information. 516 319-2000.

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