Can I Move Away With My Children?

The answer to this question, like so many others, is “it depends.” Your right to move away with your children will depend on various factors in your life, the children’s lives, and the children’s other parent’s live.

Has your life hanged in a way that makes it impossible to uphold your current child residence and parenting time agreement? Are you planning on moving far away or to another state? It is important to speak to an attorney who can help you take appropriate measure to adjust your parenting schedule.There are several reasons why a parent may need to modify a child residence and parenting time agreement., including a major career change or parental relocation to another state. in order to legally modify a child residence and parenting time agreement, however, you must file a petition in the Family Court or file a motion in the Supreme court.

The ease of adjusting your child residence and parenting schedule will depend in part on whether your child’s other parent accepts the change. If he or she agrees to it, it will likely be a straightforward process. If not, we will help you show a court why the change is necessary or in the best interests of your child.

A residence or parenting time modification may also require a modification of child support to comply with the changes. We will help you make a plan that is reasonable, fair, and in the best interest of your child.

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