Costs and Expenses

One of the first questions a person seeking a divorce will ask is “How much will it cost?” A divorce is not cheap. The first thing to consider is the Supreme Court fees. They are:

  • Index Number (initial filing fee)                                          $215.00
  • RJI (Request for Judicial Intervention)                                    95.00
  • Note of Issue                                                                                    30.00
  • Settlement agreement                                                                 35.00
  • Service of process  about                                                           100.00 or more
  • Each motion                                                                                     45.00
  • A certified copy of the judgment                                At least  5.00
  • Certified copies of other orders                                 At least   5.00.

The Family Court, on the other hand, does not charge anything for any proceeding brought there, but you may have to pay for related costs, such as the fee for a DNA test, psychological counseling, drug treatment, or other items.

Attorneys do charge a fee for their services. In most cases you will be asked to pay an initial retainer against which an hourly fee will be charged. When the initial retainer is used up, you will have to replenish it. In addition, you will have to pay the fees listed above plus any other costs.

In New York State it is unethical for a lawyer to take a matrimonial case, especially a child support case, on a contingent fee basis. Therefore, you cannot retain a lawyer to seek child support with a promise that you will pay him a percentage of whatever he collects. You will have to pay an hourly or flat fee.

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